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When purchasing a new barn, the length, height and barn width are all very important factors to consider.  The barn width can vary depending on how much space you have to work with.  Fortunately, Elephant Barns has customizable metal barns that allow you to create the exact size you need for your storage solutions.  When in doubt go to the Elephant.  Our customer service team is unmatched and provides exceptional service.

Barn width is totally customizable!

Elephant Barns provide you with unlimited storage space for your investments.  Whatever you may be storing, our barns can handle it.  The barn width of your Elephant Barn is fully customizable and can provide the ultimate storage solution for your storage needs.  Whether storing livestock or recreational equipment, a metal barn from Elephant Barns gets the job done.

Elephant Barns doesn’t sacrifice your barn width!

Protection from extreme weathering elements is what Elephant Barns provides. Harsh weather is no match for our metal barns.  No matter the barn width you choose, you can be sure that you will have picked a strong and dependable metal structure.  Our barns are 100 percent customizable, so you can add any customizable feature you like.  Increase your barns protection with a garage door, or expand your barn width when the time comes.  Our online buildID system allows you to virtually build your barn before you buy!

Your barn, your customization

Create your masterpiece all in minutes at! Your barn width doesn’t have to be dependent on what type of barn you choose, or what style you pick!  Our fully customizable metal barns from Elephant Barns gives you the absolute freedom of customizing your new structure.  Create your new structure now!  When you need protection from the weathering elements, or just need a clean, safe, and secure place to store your belongings – a metal barn from Elephant Barns will provide you with the ultimate protection. Make a move and keep your storage safe!

barn width

Barn width is completely customizable with Elephant Barns



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