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Barn Security

Don’t worry! No storm, no foul wind, and nobody’s going to bust your Elephant Barn!

Do you suspect a midnight visitor coming around your farm? Have expensive farm equipment to protect from intruders and intense storms? While there are farm crimes, there are no crimes that can’t be prevented with a little security for your barn. Check out some of the Elephant Barn’s safety features to combat unwanted visitors and intense storms.

Elephant Barn Security Features

  • Certified Structures: We give all of our customers the option of upgrading their custom design into a reinforced “certified” structure. This upgrades the thickness of your steel walls, beams, and provides extra structural support for heavy snow-loads, high winds, and hail. Certified structures are also guaranteed to meet or exceed local building codes.
  • Locked Garage Doors: Our roll up automatic garages doors come with a supplemental heavy duty lock for extra security. You can even get a clicker to open your garage door from afar, but no one will be able to get in or out without your remote control or your key. Your expensive farm equipment and valuable cars and trucks will be safe inside a locked Elephant Barn.
  • Back up Garage Door Power System: We also offer a backup battery system for your automatic garage door, ensuring that even if you lose power, you’ll have access to your tools and equipment!
  • Back up Generator: You’ll never have to worry about weathering the storm without power with this baby in your barn. Get the capacity to work on your hobbies even after a storm knocks your power out. The security of a back-up generator will keep you covered and comfortable even in extreme situations.
  • Automatic Work Lights: These light will turn on to give you a hand while completing projects at night and will scare away intruders.
  • Color Security Camera: Watch for critters and intruders with this security camera!
  • Aluminum Locking windows: Made from the strongest aluminum these tight sealed windows make it impossible for anyone to open them from the outside. They’re heavily outfitted for storm protection.
  • Augur Anchors: Hold down your barn against inclement weather and, god forbid, if any barn thieves want to root up your barn in the middle of the night!

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