A factor to consider that many people overlook when they’re designing a metal barn for their property is the all-important barn roof. At Elephant Barns we offer three models of barns with three distinct barn roof styles. Each style has its advantages, and depending on what function and look you’re going for, each roof style could potentially be a great choice for you!

Elephant Barn with A-Frame Barn Roof

Above is an A-Frame Valley Barn Roof by Elephant Barns.

The A-frame barn roof is the standard roof style that comes paired with our Valley Barn models. It is very traditional, allowing rain, snow, and debris to easily slide off the sides of the roof rather than collecting. There is a point at the top of the roof

Our Ridgeline Barn model comes outfitted with our Angled style barn roof, which basically consists of an A-frame roof with two separate side-slanting lean-to roofs over each of the wings of the barn. If you’re looking for function, but a little something more than the standard A-Frame, the Angled roof is the choice for you.

The County Barn is built with our Rounded Corner roof style, which is a whimsical play on the classic barn roof. Aesthetically, it is a very stylized option and would be a good choice for those wanting a modern appearance for their barn roof.

No matter what barn roof style you choose, you’re sure to be happy with your Elephant Barns steel barn. It comes delivered to you and installed by a crew of professional installers for FREE! And, because they are made completely of galvanized steel, you’ll never have problems with rotting, warping, weakening or cracking like you might have had in the past with wooden barns. There are no downsides!

Make sure to run through our barn builder tool to learn more about barn and barn roof styles (and to see pictures and rendered images of each of the examples listed above!) and to get instant quotes on barns that you design yourself! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT!


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