NC Metal Barn Kits

Buy local and send a custom design to the experts in our NC Factory through our Website

Barn Kits North Carolina

Order local NC barn kits online, and find your custom designed metal structure assembled in the back yard in a matter of weeks!

Support a local business buy ordering a custom barn direct from a North Carolina factory. Elephant Barns build and assembles custom designs to each and every one of it’s customers.  Anyone, farmer, rancher, recreational property owner, or country house enthusiast, can pick and choose all the features of their barns from the frame up.

Barn kits are designed, bought, and assembled according to the same buying process that all elephant structures follow.  Customers optimize each one of the three tiers of their barn using the virtual barn builder on the Elephant Barns website. The model barn is transferred to our factory, where expert engineers put the machinery to work for you. Your barn is constructed and packaged in components, the full package called a “barn kit.”

Free Installation and Delivery on Barn Kits for North Carolina

Barn kits in North Carolina are delivered and installed on your property for free. Take it as a “local discount.” Our barns can be installed in any soil, anchored into the ground to withstand hurricane winds and industrial snow loads. We’ll get it installed within two months of your order, and for more details, check on our Barn Kits North Carolina Timing web page.

To Learn More about Barn Kits North Carolina get in touch with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! We always love to hear from our NC customers.



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