Barn Solves Agricultural Needs

Futuristic Features of an Elephant Structures Barn

Barn for Agriculture

A multifunctional barn for your farm for now and for twenty years down the road!

Elephant Structures harnesses the power of technology to provide each one of our customers with a durable, multifunctional barn.

  • Advanced design: Use the Build ID application on our website to instantly design a model barn to fit your current needs and future aspirations. Our software will update your price as you add or remove features and alter your dimensions, enabling you to plan your barn and your budget simultaneously.  With free delivery and installation included in the price, you’ll be getting a sweet deal on an advanced technology.
  • Durability: Elephant Structures are tested for every US climate, able to stand up to high winds, heavy snow loads, and torrential rain. Upgrade to a certified structure to receive a warranty and a guarantee that your barn for agriculture will fight off Category 3 hurricane winds of 130mph or more.  All our structures use triple sealed galvanized steel to protect from corrosion for decades.
  • Versatility: Since a modern barn for agriculture is so durable, it also needs to be able to adapt to the farm as it changes over the decade. Elephant Barns are fully adaptable and upgradable, so that years down the road our customers will be able to remove walls, update sections of their barns into garages or workshop space, or add on extra features like an automatic door or reflective insulation.  An elephant barn is a mufti-functional investment that will anchor to your land when you need it to, and come apart when you need to change it.
  • Sustainability: A steel barn for agriculture is 100% recyclable, making it a green material that saves the buyer and the producer future production costs.   Every Elephant Structures barn for agriculture that’s assembled in the USA is also manufactured in the USA. Support modern America, and the save money by investing in a sustainable future.

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