Barn Addition: It’s Easy to Upgrade and Add on to your Elephant Barn at Anytime

Barn Addition

Steel kits make stylish, durable, and no-hassle add ons that will help you and your farm thrive!

A little extra space can help you and your farm a lot. One of the fastest, most efficient ways to supplement your business or property is to build a barn addition from a pre made kit. While there are many advantages to these pre fabricated barns (their low prices, that never-fade paint job, their corrosion and critter resistance), the most unique advantage of metal buildings is their versatile structure. They can be appropriated for multiple functions and customized at any point in their lifespan. Elephant barns even lets their customers make their own barn addition designs online, ensuring that each and every individual gets all the features they’re looking for in a barn for a price within their budget.

A Barn Addition at a Price Below the National Average

With a low up-front cost, adding a barn on to your home increase the value of your property.  Build a whole new barn addition to complement your property, or add on to your current barn with a covered shed or garage. Our triple-wide full volume barns start at $2530 and our new covered garage sheds start at around $595.00, well below the national average cost (about $3500!) of a barn additionBe assured that the best deal you’ll find on a new barn addition is from Elephant Structures.

DIY Barn Addition and other Benefits of a Elephant Custom Kit

While all our barn additions include free installation and delivery, we do offer a small discount if you choose to put it together yourself, as a tip of the hat from us to your industrious spirit. Putting together a DIY barn addition is a great way to bond with your buddies or with your family. We also make it easy to get a building or zoning permit for your project. Ordering a kit from elephant structures, you won’t need to waste time on drawing up blueprints to be approved. We’ll send you a professional copy of your building plan so that you can easily submit it to your local government office.

For more barn addition advice and tips on finding low prices, like Elephant Barns on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Come to us with any questions and comments you have. We’re always happy to help!


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