A Sturdy Steel Barn for an Aluminum Barn Price

A Steel Barn for an Aluminum Barn Price

Steel Barns: high quality structures with that irresistibly cheap aluminum price tag.

Don’t pay the Aluminum Barn Price of bad quality! A Pre Fabricated Steel Barn will treat you better.

Conventional wisdom has a couple quirks concerning aluminum and steel that we need to straighten out. Between steel and aluminum barns, who’s the real king of quality and price?

First of all, Aluminum is recognized as a long lasting metal that retains it’s color, but aluminum’s color only lasts for about 10-20 years and then fades to a chalky, dull shade. The color on Elephant Structures steel siding is guaranteed to shine for more than three decades without fading, only needing an occasional rinse with a garden hose when dust or pollen accumulate upon it. Our paint will not flake, chip, or crack for 30 years, and our triple sealed corrosion resistant steel will last for decades even in the most humid climates.

Second, Aluminum Barns have about half the fire resistance of Steel structures, their melting point being at 1,220° F (660° C). Steel’s is more than double that at 2,500° F (1,370° C). That means that in a hay fire, the aluminum going to go quick. It’ll melt right off, whereas a steel barn will stand up through the fire, giving you more time for Emergency Damage control, and more chance of having your valuables inside. A barn fire isn’t something anyone wants to think about, let alone experience, but it’s important to be prepared for these emergency scenarios by choosing a steel structure.

Third, Aluminum barns are often praised for their light weight, but rarely is it noted that because of the light weight, aluminum cannot stand up to heavy winds or projectile battery. Aluminum siding is easily dented by hail, tree debris, or by foul balls from the baseball field next door. There’s a reason why Elephant structures uses heavier steel, because in this case, heavier means higher quality.  Our certified structures are wind-rated for Category 3 hurricane winds, 130mph or more, and will hold their shape whatever debris flies your way.

Much thanks to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors for providing us with the facts to settle the score. Remember that an Aluminum barn price is much more than it first appears. When you rack up the maintenance and repainting costs, you’ll find an expensive aluminum barn price may exceed the one time easy and affordable payment that you can make on a custom steel barn from elephant structures. It just doesn’t make sense to settle for a weaker barn with a higher cost!

To see some of the deals that we offer on our steel structures, check out our website. For more on the advantages on steel and the aluminum barn price, or comments on this article, get in touch with Elephant Structures on Facebook and Twitter. We love to talk steel, answer your questions, and help you build your dream barn.


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