Affordable Barn with Structural Integrity

Customize online for an Affordable Barn with Structural Integrity!

Customize your price online to instantly save money. Design your affordable barn at, today!

An Affordable Barn Never Compromises on Structural Integrity!

With our easy to use Build ID software on, Elephant Structures not only gives you the opportunity to personalize your barn, we give you the opportunity to customize your price. We guarantee that you’ll find an affordable barn specific to your price range that never compromises structural integrity for a low price. Get the strongest steel for the lowest price from Elephant Structures.

Customizing the Price of your Affordable Barn with Build ID™ Online is Easy!

Elephant Structures will be upfront and honest with you about the price of your barn, updating the price on your screen instantly as you set about designing the varied features of your barn. All you have to do is provide your zip code, and our software will calculate the absolute cost of your custom design instantly.

We always make the effort to provide honest customer service, and that’s why free delivery, installation, and color upgrades are all included in the price that you see online. While we never compromise on structural integrity, Elephant Structures excels at connecting our customers to the lowest price possible.

Want to save a little money? Consider signing up for our coupon and promotions program, which will alert about reduced prices and sweet deals on Elephant Structures in your area.

Tips for Saving on an Affordable Barn online:

  • Save over a hundred dollars on installation by ordering an affordable barn kit and assemble it yourself! Don’t worry, our instructions are easy to follow, and we have experts on call to help you with any of your engineering concerns. This is a great option for DIYers to get an affordable barn with structural integrity!
  • Use our software to calculate the precise dimensions of your barn, so you can get the most space for the lowest price!
  • Consider that an Elephant Structures barn is a long-term durable investment. Ordering from Elephant Barns,  you already save thousands of dollars in the long term by investing in our heavy gauge steel, standard for all our structures. For even more insurance, consider upgrading your barn to 12 gauge certified steel, and invest in a permanent structure that stands up to 130 mph winds and which comes with a warranty. An affordable barn is an affordable investment!

Structural Integrity of our Company: you can Rely on us to find you an Affordable Barn that Lasts

Our steel grade structural integrity compares to the honest integrity of our customer service team. Our reliable representatives are on call to help you when you have a question, a financial concern, or if you’re read to start a design.  Submit an inquiry online, or call us toll-free (888-230-3450) to speak directly to a representative about the various options for financing and designing your affordable barn.



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