Barns have been made from wood for hundreds of years in America, but since WWII there has been an increasing number of steel barns that are replacing wooden barns, and for good reason!

Steel barns are more durable than wooden barns:

  • Galvanized steel barns do not rot or decay like wooden barns do, and the galvanization helps to protect against rust.
  • Termites do not attack metal barns, which plays a huge part in the longevity of a metal barn, as termites cause massive decay to wooden barns.
  • Wooden barn fires are a thing of the past. Keep your valuables, equipment, and horse friends safe with a metal barn that doesn’t catch on fire.
  • While wooden barns need to be painted repeatedly, the baked on enamel finish of a steel barn does not peel off with the change in seasons or from water escaping fibrous wood. This saves you money, time, and the low-maintenance is stress-free.
  • Metal barns can provide snow load ratings in excess of 60PSF (60 pounds per square foot) if your local building code requires, and wind ratings up to 150MPH!

Steel barns are an investment in your home or farm:

  • While traditional construction for barns can cost more than your house did, Elephant Structures offers barns that start less than $10,000 for features that are more commonly found on luxury buildings!
  • Offering covered and enclosed structures for horse barns, storage barns, or work barns, we can provide space for whatever you need in order to better enjoy your property.
  • With 12+ color options for your new custom metal barn, we can provide a structure to match your home or other buildings. We offer a plethora of other options to customize your structure’s aesthetic appeal. You have the ability to create the perfect metal barn!

Give us the opportunity to give you a great new metal barn for your home!


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