6 Reasons Steel Buildings Are a Better Choice for Your Construction

The NFL and NCAA have historically used buildings known as bubbles. These bubbles were framed structured covered in a poly-material fabric. If it doesn’t sound strong, it definitely wasn’t. They switched to metal buildings after an unfortunate occurrence took place in 2009. There was a rookie training camp taking place in May of that year were the fabric bubbles the rookies were underneath collapsed and caused debris to fall and injure several people. Twelve of the players were injured, and a scout was given partial paralysis.The bubble fell do to high winds in area undermining the structural integrity of the building. It’s not often we question the structural integrity of the buildings we’re living and walking within each day. As it turns out situations like this happen often when buildings aren’t built and engineered correctly. There have been numerous stories this year involving the destruction of buildings due to weather, over population, or general wear and tear. All one needs to do is search the internet for “building collapse.”

What we strive to do at Elephant Barns, is build buildings that have a plethora of uses and applications, extremely high engineering standards, and affordability. It’s also important to maintain that they have the capability of being constructed by someone with just a little construction capability. If you want to order a DIY kit metal barn, they can be constructed with the help of a couple friends.Below we have some of the benefits of metal barns for any type of building, be it a training facility, livestock shelter, or simply a storage container. Steel is by far the best method for future construction of any facility.

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Steel is the Best Building Material

1. The history of steel is fairly new compared to stone and wood, but it’s nature is that of a promising future and quick rise to popularity. Steel is durable and has broad purpose. The first aspect that makes it better than other building materials is it’s sheer strength. It’s being used in nearly all new construction of buildings, and being constantly produced by recycling in industrial plants that span the globe. The military uses it, houses are built out of it, and corporations build stores and restaurants out of it all the time. Steel is the future and the future is strong.

2. The fire resistance of steel is a major selling point for steel. All building materials are not 100% fire proof, but some are extremely fire resistant. Fire spreads very quickly through old barn wood, building materials made from plaster and other commonly found construction material. With steel the fire would spread at a very slow rate. This could save your animals, your property, or even you or your family’s life. Insurance companies know this, and will generally give you lower rates when you build with steel.

 3. Not all buildings are wind rated, but if you want added protection all you have to do is certify your building. Steel is highly durable, and also has a give to it that makes it beneficial in the construction of skyscrapers. Skyscrapers have to actually move slightly in order to break the tension that the wind creates. Without any give the buildings in large cities would topple almost immediately. Our certified buildings can be taken even further, by placing them on a concrete pad.
4. Steel is extremely light compared to it’s strength. It’s relatively the strongest lightest material to be used in construction. The lighter the construction doesn’t necessarily mean better, but with steel the lightness is a benefit. It’s strength and lack of mass allows the construction process to be simple and easy. Engineers enjoy maximizing this aspect of steel, because it’s integration is important in allowing strong construction with unique methods of artistic ability.
5. Steel buildings are extremely easy to maintain. The best method for maintaining your steel building is to annually give checkups and survey the building every time a sever storm passes through your area. The steel does not deteriorate the way that wood does, or other plastic components of construction. This deterioration in older methods of construction requires intense maintenance and in some cases can cause inhabitants be they inanimate or otherwise to be in danger.
6. It was mentioned above about steel being primarily produced by recycling in the world wide economy. This is true because it is the only material known to man currently that retains it’s strength after being recycled. Steel is unique in this way due to it’s composition, and the industry has capitalized on this by making sure crude steel is not the majority of production. This saves an immense amount of energy and man hours in construction every year. The amount of energy saved in 2016 was enough to power all of L.A. in California.

Elephant Barns

Elephant barns are one of the industry leading professional in steel manufactured buildings. We maintain a level of standard unsurpassed by our competitors, yet we still pass savings on to you. We are interested in getting the best engineered buildings to you in an affordable and convenient method. You should know that we always offer free installation and delivery on buildings unless they are custom ordered. Check out our builder for possible customization options, and give us a call if you need to speak with a building advisor for a free consultation. Go with Elephant, we know steel.


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