2 Stall Barn Custom Shelter

A 2 Stall Barn from Elephant Structures provides reliable, comfortable shelter for your horses. Customize yours today!


Find an affordable 2 Stall Barn Price at Elephant Barns

Whether you’re looking for a run in shelter or a stable for your horses, Elephant Barns will build you a perfect 2 stall barn for an affordable price. Design your own spacious horse barn online with our custom BuildID™ system at www.elephantbarns.com. You have the ability to choose your style, your dimensions, your windows, your walls, and to customize each stall specific to your horses.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when building your spacious and elegant Elephant 2 stall barn.

Tips to Enhance your 2 Stall Barn for your Horses

  • Are you in a part of the country with high precipitation? We offer many styles of roofs so that you can decide what is the best drainage option for you. Choose between the County, Ridgeline, and Valley barn to find the best look and feel for your horses and best utility for your climate. All styles of 2 stall barn are guaranteed strong!
  • Build open space in the center of your 2 stall barn, giving your horses an open space to drink in the shade on a hot day. An opening through the center of your barn also allows for better air flow to cycle cool, fresh air constantly through your 2 stall barn.
  • Worried about your horses kicking through the sides? Elephant 2 stall barns are built from high quality 14 gauge steel.  Reinforce your steel horse barn by asking for Certified, thicker 12 gauge steel, able to hold against 130mph winds and to handle a rowdy horse kick.
  • Add extra Auger Anchors to further stabilize your barn. If you live by the beach and need to ensure that your barn sits tight in the sand and protects your horses against hurricane winds, auger anchors will put you at ease by ensuring the safety of your structure. If you’re a mountain man that needs to protect your horses against cold, blizzard winds, add auger anchors to root your 2 stall barn into the ground. Gale winds, sleet, thunder, or snow, an elephant barn will build a run in shelter that will keep your horses safe and sound.
  • Here’s a few more things to keep in mind when designing a 2 stall barn for your horses.

A 2 stall barn that’s upgradable

An elephant structure is easy to upgrade and to build on to.  Want a 2 stall barn to house a horse and to park a tractor? Build one stall with a garage door on it! If you’re a creative DIYer than you’ll be excited by all the possibilities that an elephant barn allows you to work with. And the advantage of having a steel barn is that it’ll be around for years to come. What can your 2 stall barn be in 10 years? A workshop? A studio? A ballroom? Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to think about it!

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  1. I would like a small barn to fit 1 horse and 1 donkey. But I would also like enough room for a tack/feed room on a lower budget would be great.

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